The Boys

A core method in the What Does He Need? project, is the co-creation of a boy character by different groups. The groups take collective responsibility for naming their boy and guiding him through life, exploring his needs and experiences as he interacts with the world around him. Through the process, groups collectively consider how their boy is shaped by the world he lives in and how he in turn influences it.

In each case, the boy character is from the same place as the group, which positions the boy’s life in a specific context, harnessing local knowledge and supporting the possibility of local solidarities. To date, the process has taken two forms; a one-day immersive workshop for adult groups (led by Fiona Whelan and Brokentalkers) and a programme for children and young people called Boys in the Making (developed by Rialto Youth Project and Fiona Whelan). See ‘Work’ for more information.