Name: James

  • Date of Birth: 1 October 2018
  • Place of Birth: Cloughjordan Eco Village, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
  • Makers: Mick, Sarah, Alisha, Tom, Emily, Andrew
  • Credit:  James was born from an immersive workshop for adults, led by Fiona Whelan, hosted by the National College of Art and Design. Drawing by Fiona Whelan

He was born on the 1 October 2018, 5.53pm.
It was a Monday.
We created him together.
Not many of us have kids.
Some of us have nephews.
Some of us remember being a boy.
We will do our best for him.

He needs a name.
We thought about something starting with A
so he will get called up first for things.
That will make him feel clever.
A-names are good for confidence.
But do you really want your kids going first.
He might despise that.
Once he is 21 or 22 he can stand out,
but he will want to blend in until then.
We don’t want him to stick out from the norm
or the other kids will slag him.

A name is important.
It can lead to a child’s story.
It’s the first thing he will learn to write.
We were all told the story of how we were named.
It means something.
What about we name him James?
It’s mid alphabet.
He won’t stand out.
But he can always change his name later.
James has the most choice for abbreviations.
He can be Jimmy, Jay, Jim or Jasper.
James it is.

And so his story begins…..